Welcome to the ELDR Policy Centre!

Here, you will find all adopted policy resolutions of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform (ELDR) Party since its foundation in 1976.

This Policy Centre helps you to access European Liberal positions on various issues and learn what we stand for.

Above you will find three ways of accessing and choosing the resolutions:
  • Resolutions per meeting allows you to go back to each ELDR Congress and ELDR Council (where resolutions were adopted) and witness the development of European Liberal and Democrat positions over 35 years.
  • Advanced Search allows you to make your own personal mix of search criteria: keyword, year, theme, Congress…
  • Search by theme gives you the possibility to access our positions on seven themes at one glance.
We hope that you will enjoy exploring 35 years of European Liberalism!
Would you face any problems, please contact the ELDR Secretariat for assistance (efelgueroso@eldr.eu)