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Congress in Warsaw, Poland, December 2016
Council in Vilnius, June 2016
Congress in Budapest, Hungary, November 2015
Council in Oslo, Norway, May 2015
Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, November 2014
Council in Vienna, Austria, May 2014
Council in Brussels, Belgium, June 2014
Congress in London, United Kingdom, November 2013
Council in Pula, Croatia, May 2013
Congress in Dublin, Ireland, November 2012
Council in Yerevan, Armenia, May 2012
Council in Dresden, Germany, May 2011
Congress in Palermo, Italy, November 2011
Congress in Helsinki, Finland, October 2010
Council in Rome, Italy, March 2010
Congress in Barcelona, Catalonia, November 2009
Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2009
Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2008
Council in Tallinn, Estonia, April 2008
Congress in Berlin, Germany, October 2007
Congress in Bucharest, Romania, October 2006
Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2005
Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2003
Congress in Bath, United Kingdom, October 2002
Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2001
Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2001
Congress in Tenerife, Spain, September 2000
Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 2000
Congress in Berlin, Germany, April 1999
Council in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1998
Council in Brussels, Belgium, March 1998
Congress in Brussels, Belgium, September 1997
Congress in Vienna, Austria, July 1996
Congress in Bruxelles, Belgium, Mai 1996
Council in Rome, Italy, December 1995
Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, July 1995
Congress in Torquay, United Kingdom, December 1993
Council in Brussels, Belgium, April 1993
Council in Brussels, Belgium, October 1992
Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 1992
Council in Brussels, Belgium, December 1991
Congress in Poitiers, France, June 1991
Congress in Shannon, Ireland, June 1990
Council in Strasbourg, France, October 1989
Congress in Luxembourg, December 1988
Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, April 1987
Council in Brussels, Belgium, June 1986
Congress in Catania, Italy, April 1986
Congress in Groningen, The Netherlands, June 1985
Congress in Munich, Germany, December 1983
Congress in Venice, Italy, May 1982
Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1981
Congress in Paris, France, February 1980
Congress in London, United Kingdom, December 1978
Congress in Brussels, Belgium, November 1977
Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands, November 1976
Congress in Stuttgart, Germany, March 1976




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Agriculture, Environment and Energy Policy
Culture, Education and Research
EU Single Market & Economics
European Democracy
ELDR electoral programmes
Institutional development of the European Union
Foreign Affairs
Defence Policy
Foreign & Humanitarian Policy
Foreign & Security Policy
Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights
Equality and Minority Rights
Freedom of Expression
Fundamental Human Rights
Social Policy